You may have spotted our cycle instructors in spin class sporting special shoes that clip into our RealRyder bikes.

While these shoes are not necessary to join a Truecore Cycle class and push your pedals, they can make the ride more enjoyable for those of you who are cycle and spin devotees.

The shoes clip into our pedals and provide a more aerodynamic ride. In the long run (or spin!), clip in shoes ensure that your feet are always in contact with the pedals, giving you greater control.

From a design perspective, there are other benefits, as well.

  • Thicker soles – Cycling shoes have a thicker sole, so all of your power is transferred to the pedals. This stiffer sole also helps to give your foot the support that it needs to prevent cramping, and to reduce the danger of injury.
  • Tighter fit – Cycling shoes are designed to fit your foot more snugly than sneakers can. This prevents slipping inside the shoe, which can cause blisters to form.
  • Minimal cushion – Since you’re on an indoor cycling bike, there is no need for additional cushion inside of your spinning shoes. This means that your energy is transferred to the pedals, not dampened with cushion.
  • Ventilation – Spinning shoes are designed to be very well-ventilated, due to the extremely lightweight material that is used in their construction. Again, the result is that all your energy is transferred to the pedals, where you need it most.

We really love Shimano indoor cycling shoes. And, they can be found at several of your favorite retailers including Amazon, REI, and Zappos.

Truecore Fitness doesn’t sell these shoes directly, because we want you to find what’s best for you. Feel free to ask any of our cycle instructors if you have questions about shoes.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your gear now or making your next birthday gift list, we are happy to help!



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