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Laura B.

“Great variety of classes for different interests/needs/abilities. The staff always encourages class members and gives the right amount of challenge.

Price is a great value for what’s being offered. Prices are certainly not this low in bigger cities.”

“When I learned there was a studio that offered barre close to where I lived I was beyond excited. I had to move away from Austin and closer to work recently, and I what I missed most was my proximity to pure barre! I noticed truecore by chance when I was out to dinner one night, and ended up registering for as many classes as I could on my phone while I waited for my food. It’s a very nice studio, and they’re expanding to offer more space. I know I’m grateful to have a studio where I can get some high quality barre classes 20 minutes from my house.”

Kayla V.

Mary E.

“This was my first time doing pilates with a reformer machine but Jennifer and Becky were both excellent teachers! Everyone at the studio has been so nice. The class was fun and challenging. Can’t wait to come back for more!”

“I’ve been meaning to write a review of this place for a while now, and I honestly have nothing bad to say about it. Not one word. Truecore was referred to me by a friend and coworker who just happened to have a coupon for a free class. She and her husband had started going to the classes at Truecore at 5:15 AM and kept mentioning how much I would like it, so much so that I finally caved and showed up to a Pilates class early early EARLY in the morning. Mind you people, I am NO morning person. I struggle to make it to work on time by 8, so it was a miracle in itself that I was even able to make it out of the comfort of my bed at 4:40 that morning. And that was all it took. Seriously guys, all it took was showing up and I was sold. I loved it so so much. I was really nervous to try this place because 1. I wasn’t very fit, and 2. I was so scared I was going to be surrounded by people that were intimidating and I would leave embarrassed. The thing is, that didn’t happen. They were encouraging and kind and motivated me to keep going. I cannot say enough about how amazing this place is. And all of the instructors I’ve encountered along the way have been such a pleasure to deal with and have in class. Jennifer D made my first class so enjoyable, and taught me how to use the reformers and put up with my probably really dumb questions about them. Jennifer R made my 5:15AM Barre classes SO MUCH FUN! And really pushed me and got me out of my comfort zone. I am sadly leaving this fitness studio and moving out of town for school, but I had to leave a review before I left. Because this place deserves 5 stars and then some. I’ve never felt so comfortable in a FITNESS studio before, surrounded by people that care about their progress as well as my own. I’ve met some really good people at this place, and I’ve done things here that I never thought my body was capable of doing, and I had FUN while doing it. If you are on the fence about this place, I am telling you that it’s worth it. Just show up, that’s all it takes. Thank you thank you thank you, Truecore! I can honestly say that it will be super tough finding a fitness studio as great as this one has been for me. You will be SO missed.”

Anna L.

Stefanie T.

“I’ve never been a fan of spin, but this place made me a believer! And Pilates is an AMAZING full body workout that keeps me wanting to come back!! (And I love the instructors!!!!!!)”

“I had so much fun at my first Pilates class! It’s a lot different than the workout I’m use to and I can’t wait to go back!”

Lauren Z.

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