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Better than Freud and a lot more fun.

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45 minutes of calorie blasting, full body cardio. For all you sweat junkies. The RealRyder Spin workout is a more authentic and less-stationary indoor cycling experience. The bike moves with you and the ride is rhythm based. On our RealRyder spin bikes, you will burn 20% more calories than any other spin experience. Enjoy the ryde!

want to try a mix it up?

TrueMix – Cardio

A vigorous fusion that blends the best of our spin and Pilates classes into 1 dynamic session. 20 minutes of high-energy indoor spin training cardio on the bike and 20 minutes of core and muscle toning on the Pilates reformer – this class is an undeniable synergy of fitness and fun!

TrueRyde Express

30 minutes of high-intensity cardio to clear your mind and pace your body. All to the beat of exhilarating music.

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