the first day
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Everything you need to know to start your fitness journey.


Save yourself a spot. For all Truecore classes, please sign up online before your class. If you have any questions or need help purchasing classes, please give us a shout:

(254) 931-1281


What to wear

For Pilates and Barre, we recommend comfortable, form-fitting clothes. Moisture-wicking fabrics are a bonus because your muscles will burn from head to toe, and you might get a little sweaty. Pilates and Barre and practiced without shoes, you can be barefoot or wear sticky socks that help with balance and improve your performance. We sell

We sell toesox brand sticky socks at the Truecore studio for $14-18 a pair.

For spin, we suggest a supporting top and form-fitting pants or shorts. Avoid long, loose-fitting pants which risk getting tangled in the bike. Special cycling shoes are not required but add extra stability for an optimal cycling experience. Comfortable and supportive fitness sneakers also work well and fit our bikes. If you decide clip-in spin shoes are right for you, our knowledgeable spin instructors are happy to help you find the perfect pair.

What to bring

water bottle

Or grab one of our Truecore Camelbak bottles in the studio. We have refreshing filtered fountain for you to fill up.

sport towel

Also for sale in the studio. For all the good sweat.

sticky sox

For Pilates or Barre. You can buy a pair at our front desk.

yoga mat

For Barre.¬†You’re welcome to bring your own! Or borrow one of ours.


First-time guests, we recommend you arrive 15 minutes before class to confirm your paperwork and get changed. If you have any questions or requests for the instructor, this is a great opportunity to discuss them and learn how to customize the class exercises to meet your needs.

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