Meet Andrea!

Andrea Morris – Married to Jake, and I have two precious kids. JB is 6 and Marley is 3. I first became passionate about fitness after I graduated from college in 2008 and decided I had had enough fun and needed to change my lifestyle! I cleaned up my terrible eating habits, and hit the gym! I have a background in CrossFit and recently joined the TrueCore team to teach strength training (BodyPump) and High-Intensity Interval Training + Tabata (TrueHIIT). My husband does jujitsu and has always had a passion for living a healthy lifestyle, so I guess after being together almost 10 years, he has inspired me. I’m so passionate about strength training, perhaps because of my CrossFit background, but I think it is so important to build your muscle mass early on in life and continue to build it as you age. I also find that high-intensity interval training is the best (and quickest) way to get your heart rate up, blast fat quickly, and continue to burn it well after class is over. With those two combined, I have found the recipe for toning clients and keeping their energy higher throughout the day. I love keeping the music loud, upbeat and fun! My playlists are made to keep our clients focused, motivated and energized throughout the class, so they leave wanting to come back and reach their goals. My favorite part about instructing is connecting with clients, encouraging them, and helping them reach their own personal goals no matter what fitness level they are on. Seeing someone smile while they work out, or seeing a client doing something they didn’t think they could ever do, keeps me motivated to continue to do my best to help serve the TrueCore community.