Meet Danielle!

My name is Danielle I moved from Houston to Killeen in 2016, I am married with two daughters Kaleah and Aiyana. My husband is in the military which brought us to Killeen where he will retire in 2019.  I have been a fitness instructor since 2013. I have always been active but after my second child I needed motivation so I joined a gym, I enjoyed the positive vibes and friendships while working on a new me. While learning and seeing the changes with my body as well as motivating others I knew I had a calling. I am certified in LesMills BodyPump, CXwork, and Tone. I teach cycle and have taught water aerobics, chair class for seniors and Aerobics for Active Older Adults. I enjoy encouraging and motivating others to be a better self by providing a fun, positive and safe atmosphere while members seek their fitness goals. On my downtime, I try to have a social life, enjoy food and embrace life by being happy even through the tough times.
“Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret, worry, fret or fear, Be Strong”