Good From the Start, Be Good To Your Heart

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Why cardio is so important for cardiovascular health

Hard work truly does pay off. When you’re huffing, puffing and working up a sweat on the spin bike/rower you’re doing much more than burning calories. By getting your heart rate up, you are strengthening and conditioning your heart, improving your health, protecting yourself against chronic disease, and even extending your life. Here are a few of the benefits of cardio and why we thrive on sweating our hearts out.

      1. Burn and Boost
        Aerobic activity burns calories and helps you lose fat long after the workout is complete. It kick-starts your metabolism allowing your body to continue to burn the calories.
      2. “Endorphins Make You Happy”
        During cardio exercise, your body is releasing endorphins, our feel-good hormones that give us a sense of wellbeing. It’s why we get a real buss out of going for burn, and we aren’t complaining.Exercise gives you endorphins. “Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.” -Elle Woods
      3. Stress Be Gone
        Not only are you releasing happy hormones, but your body begins to burn off your stress hormones which simultaneously decreases blood pressure and eases muscular tension.
      4. Healthy Heart
        Just like any other muscle, getting your heart to work hard, rest and recover allows it to become stronger and better at its job. It overall enhances your cardiovascular system and improving blood flow throughout your body—meaning more energy to spare during the day!
      5. See Ya Later Snooze
        If sleeping is not your forte, it may be due to your lack of cardio. Improve the quality of your sleep by increasing the amount of cardio you do in a week!