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Pilates tones and elongates all your major muscle groups.

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Truecore Pilates is an invigorating fitness experience. A highly effective total body workout for all age and fitness levels, it offers more results in less time. Truecore Pilates is based on The Sharp Method technique, using the reformer machine. This 50-minute class will cinch your core, lift your glutes, elongate your legs, sculpt your arms, and engage muscles you’ve never felt before. Condition your entire body and see that sweet muscle tone shine through.

want to try a mix it up?

TrueMix – Barre & Pilates

Like no other Barre in town! This 50-minute class is another Truecore exclusive – we created the perfect combination of Barre and Pilates. Barre exercises that focus on form and precision are incorporated with core and stability movements on the Pilates Reformer for a fun and challenging class. Learn new Barre moves to lift and tone your muscles with the added benefit of Pilates ab work to enhance your core strength.

TrueMix – Cardio

A vigorous fusion that blends the best of our Ryde and Pilates classes into 1 dynamic session. 20 minutes of high-energy cardio on the bike and 20 minutes of core and muscle toning on the Pilates reformer – this class is an undeniable synergy of fitness and fun.

TruePilates Express

Just 40 minutes (so no excuses!) This express version of our TruePilates class packs a lot of Pilates Punch into a shorter time.

TrueFlow Pilates

New to pilates? This is the perfect class for you! Learn the basics of Reformer Pilates and master the fundamentals of the amazing Sharp Method Technique!

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