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A balanced 50 minute barre class that combines the strength of Pilates, the flexibility of yoga, and the technique of ballet to sculpt your body. This high-results, low impact barre workout class focuses on all your major muscle groups and adds refined, targeted movements to support your alignment and posture. You’ll use the barre, mat, small hand weights, and a ball to feel the burn and have fun!

want to try a mix it up?

TrueBarre Express

Get toned in just 40 minutes! This express version of our TrueBarre class will lift, tuck, and tone everything that is important to you.

TrueMix – Barre & Pilates

Like no other Barre in town! This 50-minute class is another Truecore exclusive – we created the perfect combination of Barre and Pilates. Barre exercises that focus on form and precision are incorporated with core and stability movements on the Pilates Reformer for a fun, innovative and challenging class. Learn new Barre moves to lift and tone your muscles with the added benefit of Pilates ab work to enhance your core strength.

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