Certified 200-hour Yoga Instructor – Amanda has been studying yoga since 2017. Yoga has healed her and guided her to teaching. She took a trauma-informed yoga teacher training course so she could help others find the path to healing. Her style of teaching is a combination of Kundalini and Vinyasa. She started her teacher training while pregnant with her daughter. This experience has inspired her to focus on teaching pregnant women and mothers how to feel good again. She aspires to help families and everyone in them feel good in their body by building a relationship with it. She loves the theater and television. She loves telling stories through acting and hopes her art will change the world. 
Teaches: Slow Flow Yoga 
When: Thursday evenings at 7:30pm (50 min class)
Class Description:
This form of yoga takes on one pose at a time and spends time there. It is a slower-paced class that focuses on stretching and gaining flexibility. This class is gentle and slow making it great for beginners and anyone who wants to gain flexibility and deepen their practice. You may not work up a sweat in this class bit you will leave feeling longer, looser, and more relaxed. Although the focus of this class is not strength, strength is built into most yoga postures. Breath control will also be a part of this practice. This class will focus on finding proper alignment in each pose and will train the mind to be calm and focused through longer holds of postures. This class is suitable for all body types and capabilities. There are over 300 yoga postures so each class will be a unique experience.