Jasmine Sharp likes to hold clients and her The Sharp Method Pilates students accountable for WORKING with intention and form. 

By seeing clients daily for less than an hour, she has only that to enhance their mindset, and plant the seed to live a healthy lifestyle.  

She was born with ‘The Gift’ and ‘The Curse’. 

The Curse commencing as a child battling the dreaded fat gene, as well experiencing injuries from being an athlete, a dancer, and prenatal injury complications.   

Although it feels like “a curse” she has overcome these hurdles by rehabilitating her bulging discs through her method (TSM Pilates), calming her interior tears surrounding the Spine, and getting a better understanding of pre /post natal body changes which all make her more relatable to YOU. By personally experiencing this, it brings her closer to healing your body because she has had to heal her own.    

‘The Gift,’ involves having close to two decades of fitness education, as she attended a Pilates Fusion Cert (SPX) in 2007 as well as Contemporary Pilates Cert in 2008 (500 hour). She later became a Pilates Master for two companies while assisting in launching over 10 Pilates studios throughout Southern CA.  

In 2010 Sharp concurrently created her own method (The Sharp Method Pilates) and designed her “first of four Pilates reformers.” 

She then partnered to open a “Built it to Sell It” studio, LAB5 Fitness in Seattle, WA. 

She repeated this in 2012 in Manhattan Beach, CA also combining it with her organic juice bar. Formula Pilates + Juice. This studio brought in clients (wives) of professional athletes such as the LA Kings (Hockey) and the LA Galaxy (Soccer). Los Angeles allowed her to work closely with top doctors / and build relationships that would catapult her to the present, Texas. 

Sharp met Holly McDaniel, owner of Truecore Fitness around 2010 in Los Angeles. Holly was moving back to Texas and bought one of Sharps machines in 2012 so Sharp could send her videos for McDaniel to do at home. Fast forward to 2015, McDaniel opened Truecore Fitness with 10 of TSM reformer machines Sharps TSM Pilates Certification as well Sharps Barre Body Pilates “Barre” Certification.  

McDaniel planted to seed about Sharp moving to Texas back in 2015, well, it finally happened in 2019 as they embark on the next studio “together” in the heart of Georgetown Square.  

The goal is to open many studios together as well as franchise Truecore Fitness using The Sharp Method machines, method and Barre Body Pilates.  

Combined, their direct goal is to enhance the client experience, create a positive community both inside and outside Truecore and lastly enrich the lives each and every day of their clients and their staff.