Lindzi is a 7th generation Texan, born and raised in the Dallas area. She and her husband spent 5 years in Hawaii after they got married, then decided to settle down and find a new home here in the Austin area.
Growing up she was always active in expressive fields like theater and music, and feels yoga is a beautiful, natural extension of that energy. She loves to express herself and communicate ideas through breath and movement. Lindzi believes it’s a beautiful way to connect with people and build community.
Yoga spoke to her at a young age and has played some part in her life for almost 20 years now. Anytime she needed support, yoga was always there to lift her up and help her overcome. Yoga has been a great way for her husband and her to bond, and their two children are also benefitting from the yoga lifestyle and mindset.
Her teaching style combines the structure of Ashtanga in some ways, while embracing the expressive nature of vinyasa flow yoga. She also teaches slow flow and restorative. Lindzi thrives in the freedom of change and movement, and loves to adjust and adapt the practice to include any and all students who are present.
Her first teacher taught her husband and her the importance of breath, how it connects every aspect of the body to the meditation of yogic movement. Yoga instilled a passion for the deeper things in her which resulted in her certification to teach by Black Swan in Austin, and continue her yoga studies in the future.