Instructor: Pilates, Spin, Cardio, and Aerial Yoga

A passionate fitness enthusiast, Sonny was born and raised in Belton. She explored various corners of the world, but found her way back home, driven by a deep love for her roots.

Since 2019, she’s been part of the TrueCore family. Being a fitness instructor has proven to be a truly rewarding experience for Sonny. Witnessing the determination and strength of her clients has been a constant source of inspiration. Every moment spent in the fitness room is an opportunity for everyone, including herself, to face challenges head-on and emerge stronger than before.

Outside of TrueCore, Sonny shares her life with fiancé Alex and a lively toddler, eagerly awaiting the arrival of another little one in April. Together, they manage BellCo Bros, a testament to their partnership.

When not instructing, Sonny multitasks by offering spray tans at TrueCore. In her rare moments of solitude, she enjoys baking and indulging in Real Housewives episodes.

TrueCore_Sonny Sullivan