Meet Tori!

When I’m not teaching at Truecore I spend my days teaching kids!!! I’m a first-grade teacher at Tarver Elementary J  I’m also engaged to my fiancé, Jad, and planning the best day EVER for October 28, 2017.  We met at UMHB where I played collegiate soccer and he was a football stud ;).  My bachelor degree is in Exercise, Sports science with a minor in Education.  With aaallll my extra time I am also working to finish up my masters in Education Administration, I will wrap it up in November and graduate December of 2017.   I guess you could say I like to keep myself pretty busy!

What classes do you teach at Truecore?

Spin, Barre, Row, Shockwave (getting Pilates certification in June J)

What’s new at Truecore?

Try the new features classes Saturday mornings! (RIPPED, Combat, triathlon, Flaunt, Shockwave) Also, stay hydrated with one of the new Swell water bottles sold at the studio!

Any advice for a first time client or a person new to Truecore?

Try as many different classes and as many instructors as you can! Every class is different and each instructor offers a different style!

What’s in your gym bag?

Water bottle, pilates/barre socks, my training books, protein powder, and healthy snacks like carrots/snap peas.

Favorite post-burn treat?

Protein Smoothie! I use ice, coconut milk, chocolate protein, frozen strawberries, bananas, and spinach to blend up my favorite post work out smoothie!

Your current favorite class playlist? 

  • What do you do each day outside of the studio to stay healthy physically, emotionally, mentally, etc.?

I love to be outdoors!  I walk my dogs regularly to get some fresh air and let them get some exercise (We have an English bulldog and an English Mastiff so they are super lazy!)  I also love to kayaking on the lake and cruise around on my mountain bike.  I enjoy fishing at my family barge on the lake.  You can often find me on a nice patio somewhere enjoying an ice-cold Dos Equis

  • What’s your favorite healthy snack or meal that you cook at home?

(If you have a recipe to share, I’d love that!)

I try to keep fresh fruit and veggies cut up for a quick snack! One of my go-to’s is sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, and sliced bell peppers with a touch of kosher salt.